Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Girls In Hijab

Many people became frightened hearing about hijab. if i design a abaya and i ask any model to join my fashion show they will refuse straight forward, not on the issue of payment but on the issue of repetition. Because they think that only sexy dress and sexy posesses will make them popular and if they will model in hijab they will be kicked out of the industry.

But it is not as they think.many girls and women through out islamic world use hijab.

now the growing industry should know the requirments of the islamic world as well. Because the dresses varies country to country but the hijab is the only thing which is common in all Islamic countries.

so designing an Abaya is profitable buisness as compared to designing a dress. Because the use is much much more so we should not curse it but we take it to the fashion industry for a profitable buisness

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