Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foot Wearings

Feet are the most important and prominent part of the body. if they look beautiful then it adds extra features to your personality. Trend of the foot wearing changes from countries to countries. What i have observed is that the people from europe have different taste as compared to the people of asia and sub-continent. This taste varies in girls a bit more than boys. Boys are usually same because they usually wear shoes which are common even their designs. The trend is Different in girls. Most of the European girls like high heal shoes and the most girls from sub-continent like flat sandals.

This difference in likings is due to the weathers and most probably the cultures of the countries.although the world have become Global village and distances between civilizations are vanished and any one can view the latest fashion of any country through its fashion magazines, Throug Fashion Industry Through internet. but still there is a variation of taste.

instead of all these things we should know that whatever we wear should suit us.we should count our body height, our taste, our culture.

Culture is important because if we adopt certain strange things, these looks odd.and does not attract others towards our pesonality.

we can keep ourselves fashionable and can polish our personality for just keeping an eye on that which is happening around us in fashion industry.

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