Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foot Wearings

Feet are the most important and prominent part of the body. if they look beautiful then it adds extra features to your personality. Trend of the foot wearing changes from countries to countries. What i have observed is that the people from europe have different taste as compared to the people of asia and sub-continent. This taste varies in girls a bit more than boys. Boys are usually same because they usually wear shoes which are common even their designs. The trend is Different in girls. Most of the European girls like high heal shoes and the most girls from sub-continent like flat sandals.

This difference in likings is due to the weathers and most probably the cultures of the countries.although the world have become Global village and distances between civilizations are vanished and any one can view the latest fashion of any country through its fashion magazines, Throug Fashion Industry Through internet. but still there is a variation of taste.

instead of all these things we should know that whatever we wear should suit us.we should count our body height, our taste, our culture.

Culture is important because if we adopt certain strange things, these looks odd.and does not attract others towards our pesonality.

we can keep ourselves fashionable and can polish our personality for just keeping an eye on that which is happening around us in fashion industry.

Girls In Hijab

Many people became frightened hearing about hijab. if i design a abaya and i ask any model to join my fashion show they will refuse straight forward, not on the issue of payment but on the issue of repetition. Because they think that only sexy dress and sexy posesses will make them popular and if they will model in hijab they will be kicked out of the industry.

But it is not as they think.many girls and women through out islamic world use hijab.

now the growing industry should know the requirments of the islamic world as well. Because the dresses varies country to country but the hijab is the only thing which is common in all Islamic countries.

so designing an Abaya is profitable buisness as compared to designing a dress. Because the use is much much more so we should not curse it but we take it to the fashion industry for a profitable buisness

How to look Beautiful?

Beauty is the God given thing. But i think God has created every human being beautiful. we just need to polish ourselves a bit.i agree that some people dont need it because they are created in such a way. But if they also keep some time to be fit and smart will be more healthier than any one can expect.

people like me need to be polished and the best thing to look beautiful is that we should know what suits on us it should not be a blind access to the deeds of others. It is not imporatant that if certain colour looks beautiful on some one will also add attractions to our personality.

So we should wear and get what suits on us.

follow the fashion, follow the fashion industry, follow other people but keep one thing in mind that we are going to do what suits on us.

Brides Of the Century

Fashion varies from time to time; some fashions are, however, timeless. Bridal dresses in particular and wedding dresses in general in the sub continent are cases in point. As such the basics of bridal dress designing is centuries old, still, since unique bridal dresses are every girl's dream we see unmatchable variety in them. Centuries old fashion has re-born. Especially in subcontinent and especially in the specific field of fashion designing. i am talking about Bridal dresses. Of course Bridal dresses are the most famous category. Brides want to look unique.and due to this competitionof looking different classical fashion has reborn.

These bridal dresses are becoming more and more popular through out the region and it is of important concern of fashion designers. Its most profitable buisness in current era becuse every one spends a lot of money on marraiges.

Its a very good thing because old civilization has its own charms, these charms are still alive which is a great deed of fashion industry.

Interior Designing

Interior Designing is getting more and more popular now adays. Serious people are joining this field. People are more and more interested in decorating their homes, their offices, shops, work places etc.
These designers are getting fair amount of money. Its profitable to join this business. Interior Designing is not only a business but also an art. There are certain institutes giving degrees in this field and educating people to earn money from it. Reputed institutes all around the world are urging people to live with aesthetic sense, thereby not only helping themselves but also all those individuals and firms who come in their circles.

Black Colour

There are hundred of colours available in the market but the black colour is the most hit colour through out the world whether it is in dresses or foot wearings or in any fashion field.

People like black colour too much.


Mehndi is a pure eastern fashion. It has its own charms. Its own beauty. It is being used on different occasions like marraiges, festivals and parties. Its charm lies in its colour and has natural attraction.

Men's Watches

Men have always enjoyed by sporting a luxury timepiece, but until recently, their choice of watches has been somewhat limited to elegant link styles. New watches are more fashionable and are available in a variety of colors and textures

One of these new watches, which is quickly becoming a trend among New York's power elite, is the Movado Museum Watch, particularly the one with the white strap, stainless steel case and black museum dial. It has the signature style of classic Movado watches.

With a corrugated polyurethane strap, Swiss movement, a titanium case, and water-resistance up to 200 meters, these watches are designed for active men with a sense of style.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old Jeans

Old jeans are fashion now a days. Its look very good and comfortable......Azgerd Nine Pakistani Textile manufactured of jeans are very much in international market..they are making jeans in different stuf. and it is very much p;opular among young generation as well as in hardworking people.